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Nebraska Wesleyan University

a musical by Rachel Sheinkin and William Finn

Director: Ryan Kathman
Scenic Designer: John Forsman
Lighting Designer: Abbey Lynn Smith

Costume Designer: Saylor Small

photo credit: Francisco Hermosillo III

25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee is my third production with NWU. Early on, Ryan shared that his idea for the production was based on a kaleidoscope, in that each character brings their personality and internal battles with them to the Bee. We decided the Bee would be a pretty bland as a baseline--it does take place in a gym! However, when we start to see the inner worlds of each character, the audience is brought into their world through texture, movement, and most importantly color. Each character was assigned a color that suited them. Even if some colors overlapped (blue was used often due to the blue curtain as a backdrop)--there was variety in angle and intensity to ensure they all had their own unique feel.

Perfect Arrangement: Text
Perfect Arrangement: Work
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