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Nebraska Repertory Theatre

a play by William Shakespeare
Director: Christina Kirk
Scenic Designer: Grace Trudeau
Lighting Designer: Abbey Lynn Smith
Costume Designer: Hali Liles
Sound Designer: Emily Callahan

Photo Credit: Taylor Walters-Riggsbee, Michelle Harvey

Lighting Effect, mentioned below.

A Midsummer Night's Dream was my first production with Nebraska Rep. This production had been in the works for over a year by the time I joined the team--being delayed due to the pandemic so much so that initial student designers had graduated. When I inherited the show, there had been a plot made by the previous designer and there was an idea to use pixels in the tree that was central to the turntable. I decided to make a plot of my own, but collaborated with the scenic designer to better understand how we could use these pixels. We had a few conceptual conversations and determined that the tree was connected to the magic that Titania and Oberon utilized, and responded to moments of great magic (see lightning effect above). In conversations with Christina, she explained her concept for the show was somewhat based in climate change, and how everyone can effect the weather--even the humans in the forest. I researched different types of storms and natural disasters to help guide my color choices, and tried to associate each magical forest scene with the weather it would exist in, with the exception of the sunrise of the next morning, which brings clarity.

Perfect Arrangement: Text
Perfect Arrangement: Work
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