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University of Nebraska-Lincoln's School of Opera

an opera by Mozart
Director: WIlliam Shomos

Scenic Designer: JD Madsen
Lighting Designer: Abbey Lynn Smith
Costume Designer: Jamie Bullins

Photo Credit: Francisco Hermosillo III

When I was brought onto the design team for Magic Flute, there had already been quite a few concept meetings. The concept had been based on the movie The Fisher King. I had never seen the movie, and dove into it for research. What I found was a film that was very theatrical and had plenty of images to use as reference. However, I also wanted to add my own to the production. In working with the scenic designer, we found specific moments we wanted to create--the moody, neon-lit look for Queen of the Night, a special to create the glowing gold statue for the temple, and a specific look for each of the trials at the end.

Perfect Arrangement: Text
Perfect Arrangement: Work
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