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a play by Sam Steiner
Director: Hannah Mason
Scenic Designer: Savanna Gregor
Lighting Designer: Abbey Lynn Smith
Costume Designer: Hannah Hansen
Sound Designer: Abbie Taber

Props Designer: Abi Green

Photo Credit: 

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons was my first production with the student-led group Theatrix. The show jumps back and forth through time, so I wanted to help clarify where we were in time by using warm and cool tones. Because of the white set, it didn't take much to help the audience feel a shift between scenes. I also wanted to help tell the story of the couple's relationship through lighting, though shifting the warm/cool tone muddied the clarity of timeline. Instead, I opted to use color to show when things were going good and were more playful, and made sure to limit myself to a stark white (whether warm or cool toned) in moments where things were more tense.

This production was done in the round, with audience on all sides.

Perfect Arrangement: Text
Perfect Arrangement: Work
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