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Nebraska Repertory Theater

a play by Arthur Miller

Director: Jacqueline Thompson
Scenic Designer: Anna Schwartz
Lighting Designer: Abbey Lynn Smith

Costume Designer: Paige Moeller

Death of a Salesman was my thesis production. My concept for the show came from conversations with the design team about Willy's perspective on his life. I thought about how he is often on the road and how this only worsened his detachment from reality. I wanted to explore exaggerated warm and cool tones that I associate with travel--I connected deep ambers & cyan with Willy in his heightened state. For more clarity in the memory scenes, the director & I discussed going very bold with color. I used pinks & purples with organic texture to show his rose-colored memories. Scenes based in reality where more neutral in color and angle. Going back to our initial conversations about Willy feeling like he's 'on the outside looking in,' the scenic designer and I both leaned into a window motif--both in gobos, physical window lightboxes in the offices, and with a floating window pane wall that represented the apartment building looming over the house.

Perfect Arrangement: Text
Perfect Arrangement: Work
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